Saturday, October 23, 2004

The Turning Tide

Students are taking voting more seriously. The anecdotes are frequent and powerful:

When Jesse Kayan formed the Global Justice League at St. Mary's College of Maryland two years ago, it was common that only a handful turned out for the political meetings.

But as this year's presidential election approached, he watched as dozens more students began showing up. Dormitory rooms at the small liberal-arts college in Southern Maryland have been packed for debate-watching parties. Student groups have deployed people to swing states to help sway undecided voters.

"A lot of people are deciding apathy's not the way to go if they want to make things different," said Kayan, 20, a junior.

The numbers go to back up these stories...

[T]he number of students who stated that they will "definitely be voting" on Election Day rose to 84 percent from 62 percent six months ago, the Harvard poll found. Four years ago, 51 percent of college students said that political involvement rarely has tangible benefits; this time, 26 percent of students said they believe that, according to the poll.
The tide is turning in this country. America's newest generation of voting adults will not succumb to apathy and defeat. We recognize the importance of our voice, and we will not surrender it to the special interests. This is only the beginning.


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