Saturday, October 23, 2004

This is How Republicans Treat our Veterans?

John Kerry in Vietnam, 1969.  Photo by Reuters.

Stolen Honor?? Tonight, Sinclair broadcasting, a media conglomerate run by GOP partisan hacks, aired a smear ad against Sen. Kerry's service in Vietnam. That the GOP would have the gall to attack a man who volunteered for an unpopular war -- when both Bush and Cheney did what they could to stay stateside -- is apalling. There is no excuse for this. This is not the way we treat our veterans, regardless of with which party they choose to associate. This is plain sick.

No wonder military retention rates have plummetted since Bush took office. No wonder many people are rightfully concerned about a military draft if Bush gets reelected. This is part of a consistent pattern of truly embarrassing behavior. The GOP must go.


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