Saturday, October 23, 2004

They Stay Negative. . . We Keep The Momentum

Today's New York Times reports more of the same. . . :

Mr. Bush's advisers said they would attempt to command the agenda in the remaining days with an intense and grisly procession of television advertisements and attacks by Mr. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney on the issue [of terrorism].
The real question though, will come down to turnout. . .

"You should start seeing some movement next week because people are trying to make up their mind," Mr. Dowd [senior Bush advisor] said. "But a big part of this is who turns out. Are Democrats more motivated than Republicans on Election Day?"
YES. We are more motivated and we're voting in stronger numbers than Republicans. The Washington Post reports that in early voting in key battleground states Dems are clowning Republicans.

In New Mexico and Nevada, about a tenth of the electorate is already "in the bank," in campaign parlance. Republicans had cast close to the same number of early votes as Democrats in the Las Vegas area, where about 70 percent of Nevada's population resides, while Democrats were running strong in the Reno area, historically a Republican stronghold.

In Iowa, where Democrats have long had an advantage in early voting, more than 200,000 ballots had been cast as of the start of this week.

In Florida, a sampling of eight counties showed a consistent pattern of Democrats turning out to cast early ballots in greater proportion than their share of registered voters, while Republicans were going to the early voting sites at or below what their registration percentages would suggest.

In Seminole County, for example, Democrats make up 31.7 percent of the registered voters but 40 percent of the early voters. The same was true in Republican-leaning Brevard County, where Fred Galey, supervisor of elections, said that he had no specific figures but that "many more Democrats" are casting ballots than Republicans.

In Osceola County, a Democratic bastion, Democrats are turning out for early voting in higher percentages than their share of registered voters, while Republicans are below their registration levels. The same was true in Hillsborough, the highly populated county where Tampa is located.

Momentum is on our side. We're more motivated and dedicated to winning this election. We're voting early, we're voting often, and we're going to win.


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